Enrique: Neymar Replaced as Game Worsens

Enrique: Neymar Replaced as Game Worsens

Enrique: Neymar Replaced as Game Worsens

Madrid – Barcelona Neymar be the best player in the victory 3-2 at home to Atletico Madrid. But the action on the field stopped Luis Enrique who are worried because the game situation continues to deteriorate.

Neymar scored twice as Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid in the last eight of the Copa del Rey. The first goal made the Brazilian striker equalized to 1-1, while the second goal gave Barca a 3-2 advantage in the match at the Vicente Calderon on Thursday (29/01/2015) pm dawn earlier.

But Neymar is not the full 90 minutes on the pitch, he was replaced Pedro Rodriguez in the 80th minute Luis Enriqure star was forced to withdraw due to deteriorating conditions that are considered a match.

Some penggawa Barcelona so hard tackle Atletico goal in the match. The match also several times to heat up in which players repeatedly both sides had an argument.

“He (Neymar) pulled out when the game began to deteriorate, and we do not want the game is getting hot. A professional should be smart and know when they need to be fair,” Enrique said after the game.

Neymar almost involved fray with Fernando Torres at the end of the first half. Both look ‘hot’ and quarrels when walking to the locker room when the break turn round.

“He was always able to keep his attitude. He was very confident and helped us when the defense and attack. The style of the game dodging-kelit and circling, and outstanding performance,” flattered Enriqure in Football Espana.