Pires Confident Arsenal Have Bright Future

Pires Confident Arsenal Have Bright Future

Pires Confident Arsenal Have Bright Future

Jakarta – Overall Arsenal relatively not appear overly satisfying this season, despite last weekend to look okay when they beat Manchester City in the Premier League party. Results of assessment itself spawned the Gunners have a bright future.

Arsenal is currently fifth in the Premier League standings thanks to 11 wins, 6 draws and 5 defeats. Some less than the maximum results achieved Arsenal itself when confronted with an opponent that on paper should be defeated.

However, from the performance of the newest ‘Gunner’ actually appear charming. At the Etihad last week, Arsenal’s 2-0 win over the host City. It became Arsenal’s first win in Manchester in the last 13 years.

Appearance is what makes Robert Pires, Arsenal’s period 2000-2006, has a thick belief that the north London side have a bright future. Moreover, Arsenal today not only have good players but also still has Arsène Wenger, the manager who had previously been delivering it to a successful club.

“I think now all has changed, football has changed, the players have changed. But I always had confidence in Arsenal. I always have faith in Arsene Wenger,” Pires said on the sidelines of a press conference of the event Arsenal Football Marathon in the City Kasablanca, Jakarta, Friday (01/23/2015).

“When you look at the names in the field, I think the quality is very good. When you see the game against Manchester City, this team has a great future,” he added.

When asked what the difference squad ‘The Invincible’, which had also involved himself, the current Arsenal squad, Pires reluctant to compare. “I do not like to compare players, teams, and also the manager. I think in those days, we were perfect. We won the title in 2004 undefeated, so it was a perfect performance,” he said.