PSSI Ready Invited again, but if by Menpora

PSSI Ready Invited again, but if by Menpora

PSSI Ready Invited again, but if by Menpora

Jakarta – After meeting canceled due to left waiting Nine team, PSSI expressed readiness to be invited again on the condition that they are calling the priest Nahrawi Affairs.

It is said PSSI chairman Djohar Arifin Husin following events Thursday (01/22/2015) yesterday. They had the invitation to meet (Team Nine) Kemenpora office at 4 pm, but up to half an hour later we can not find the inviter – and decided to go. [Read the news here]

Imam Affairs Nahrawi himself on that day was not in place due to being on a working visit outside the city.

“The key in Pak minister (priest Nahrawi). So if there is an invitation again, we wanted was invited by the minister, not the Nine team,” said Djohar Arifin at PSSI Office, Jakarta, Friday (23/01/2015).

“We respect him as a minister, and we just want to meet him. It ‘the only miscommunication problem,” he continued.

Kemenpora itself has been cast to the PSSI apology for the incident. Through the Deputy V Field harmony and partnership, Billy. S Dewa Broto, they also prepare reschedule the meeting.

“It is, indeed Mr. Bill (S. Dewa Broto) overnight call to apologize. He re-me-to reschedule the meeting time. But I told you not on January 27. Since that date there futsal event,” said Djohar.

“It does not matter on January 28. But depending on the availability of management time as well, can or not.”

When asked what if Tim Nine were invited?

“There is no correlation. ‘Kan our relationship with it with Affairs, KONI, KOI. That’s it official that we respect,” said Djohar.

Or, could it be this time inviting PSSI Affairs or Team Nine?

“If we were invited what does it matter? The us no problem,” said Djohar.