Players Not Fulfilled rights, Sticking Strike Threat

Players Not Fulfilled rights, Sticking Strike Threat

Players Not Fulfilled rights, Sticking Strike Threat

Jakarta – Throughout the history of football, there are some cases where a league threatened delayed or halted because the players threaten strike. The players are threatening to strike because they do not feel right to be met by the league and the club.

In 1960, the British professional players association (PFA), which is led by Jimmy Hill, staged a protest. When they ask for the deletion of the maximum limit player salaries, who at that time amounted to 20 pounds.

The meeting between the PFA, English football federation (FA), the Football League, and the Ministry of Labour, was performed. Through this meeting, the Football League decided to raise the maximum limit player salaries to 30 pounds.

Not satisfied with the decision, in a PFA meeting in London, 250 players spend discourse to strike. Two additional meetings then took place and the number of players increases threaten strike. Among the 712 players, only 18 of which were against the strike.

Three days before the strike took place, namely on January 18, the Football League finally decided to remove the system limit on player salaries. The strike was nevertheless take place.

In 2010, the US professional league soccer, MLS, had threatened delayed its implementation. The reason, the agreement between MLS and association footballer MLS (MLSPU) relevant collective bargaining agreement is not reached.

What was the collective bargaining agreement (CBA)? CBA is a commercial agreement that usually exists between the management company (in this case MLS) with the union (in this case MLSPU). CBA usually negotiated collectively, meaning that what is proposed by the union is the willingness of all workers were incorporated in it.

CBA involves a variety of ways, ranging from the rights of workers to the obligations that must be met by the management company. When it is, the CBA between MLS and MLSPU contract expired on January 31, 2010. MLS then offered a new deal, but the players feel CBA offered by the MLS is not in accordance with their wishes.

As a result, the players were threatening to strike. Luckily, the stronghold of the MLS and MLSPU finally reached an agreement five days before the kick-off MLS held. The two sides agreed to sign a new CBA which lasted five years –hingga 2015. Kick-off MLS was going according to plan.

In Indonesia alone, the case is not fulfilled right player is often the case. Players unpaid salary is something that happens every year in the plural Indonesian League.

In fact, the kick-off of ISL in 2015 were postponed after the Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi not degrade recommendation. Imam acted so after getting advice from Professional Sports Agency of Indonesia (BOPI).

BOPI not suggest league clubs held until ISL meet the proposed requirements BOPI, such as a contract player, repayment of arrears of salary, and the inclusion of tax receipts.

Some clubs also voiced strong ISL-related delays. One is Arema Cronus. Through its CEO, Iwan Budianto, Arema judge that this delay has harmed them.

“Affairs and BOPI not proud succeeded in delaying the ISL. Because it is a tremendous loss impact. The club aggrieved that’s for sure. Sponsor will scream. Because they had prepared well for a promotion schedule,” said Iwan in a release distributed on Thursday (19/2).

On the other hand, one of his former players Arema, Munhar, it is demanding Arema to pay his salary. Munhar, which has now been moved to Persebaya, unegnya issued their emotions in social media. Munhar action is also getting support from the vice president of the Indonesian Professional Players Association (IFSA), Bambang Pamungkas.