Risen from Missed, Dortmund and Mainz Overcome Leave the Red Zone

Risen from Missed, Dortmund and Mainz Overcome Leave the Red Zone

Risen from Missed, Dortmund and Mainz Overcome Leave the Red Zone

Dortmund – Borussia Dortmund behind first of Mainz before he got up and turned around to win 4-2. Results were brought Dortmund to temporarily out of the Bundesliga relegation zone.

Signal-Iduna-Park, Saturday (14/02/2015) pm dawn, the host Dortmund left earlier after the visitors instantly make a quick goal in the early minutes by Elkin Soto.

Dortmund could only reply in the second half with a goal by Neven Subotic, although few minutes afterward was able to turn lead through goals from Marco Reus.

Mainz had managed to equalize through goals from Yunus Malli in the 57th minute. However, Dortmund then managed to lead again at once away with goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nuri Sahin.

The result left Dortmund are now posted two consecutive wins, has a collection of 22 points from 21 games, and for a while out of the death zone to occupy the position 14. Mainz are one on top of Dortmund, which stood at the equivalent figure.

The game

Whistle signaled the start of a new game just sounds Dortmund immediately struck by an attack of Mainz are in the process fruitful goal in the early minutes.

Starting from a penetration Shinji Okazaki after working with his colleague, goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller was forced out of the nest to ward off the ball. Shit for Dortmund, the skin round instead controlled Elkin Soto, who then bounce inevitably Marcel Schmelzer who had tried to cover the absence of Weidenfeller in goal Dortmund.

Dortmund had looked capable of directly responding through a goal back. However, a shot from Marco Reus in the 3rd minute of the goalposts just Mainz. Shinji Kagawa continued effort can be muted back row of the visitors.

Before the break, Reus and Kagawa each also has a pretty good chance despite their final settlement in the 32nd minute and to-43 has yet to make a ball on field goals, making Mainz entered halftime with a one goal advantage.

Four minutes into the second half Dortmund then equalized. Heading the ball Neven Subotic welcomes submissions from Schmelzer managed to make public the Signal Iduna cheer cheerful.

Reus made the home fans increasingly joy after receiving the ball pass Kampl, marched, and send the skin round past the goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino convoy when the game entered the 55th minute.

Just takes a minute for Mainz to make the game more balanced. Starting from the operand Soto, Yunus Malli then fired the ball which seems about Schmelzer in its speed through the goalkeeper Weidenfeller.

Feast of goals in the second half continued with the next goal is made by Dortmund in 71 minutes. Reus sent pass sharpshooter for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who did not waste the opportunity to make his team a 3-2 lead.

Anticipation is less smooth than last Kapino Dortmund led to the fourth goal in the match. Entering the 78th minute, kicking Aubameyang from the free kick failed secured thereby making Nuri Sahin Kapino managed to rebound from the right front of the goal.


Dortmund: Weidenfeller; Piszczek, Subotic, Vasilis, Schmelzer, Sahin, Gundogan, Kampl (Mkhitaryan 70 ‘), Kagawa (Ginter 78’), Reus (Ramos 84 ‘), Aubameyang.

Mainz: Kapino; Brosinski, Bell, Bungert, Bengtsson, Geis, Baumgartlinger, Soto (Clemens 78 ‘), Okazaki (De Blasis 82’), Malli, Hofmann (Ja-Cheol 55 ‘).