Bale: ‘Dikolongin’ It’s Painful

Bale: ‘Dikolongin’ It’s Painful

Bale: 'Dikolongin' It's Painful

Madrid – There is a unique custom in Real Madrid squad during a training session. Players who ‘dikolongin’ should receive in-bullied by his peers. Conditions that make Gareth Bale alarmed.

‘Dikolongin’ is a situation where a player missed the ball in between the two legs that seeks to block the opponent. Also known as pana or nutmeg, this action was considered so disgrace and a shame for those who become victims.

If in a competitive match is comparatively rare action, then in session nutmeg more often seen. The resulting effect is the same: the victims ‘dikolongin’ can still be embarrassed.

That is what happened to Gareth Bale. In an interview with the Telegraph he calls dikolongin action is a painful thing, even if it occurred in a training session at Valdebebas.

“One thing you do not want is to be a victim of nutmeg. Especially with a row of many cameras. We have to get ready for ‘dead’ out there – I just tried it did not happen to me,” Bale vent.

Bale called if the players Madrid will bully victims of nutmeg it out. Of course it happens in a practice session.

“Whenever someone ‘dikolongin’, we were all jumping up and down and mencandainya. If you hit, or you fail to hit the ball after 20 passes then you should continue to be in the circle for longer,” said Bale tells the training session ‘cat and mouse’ together Real Madrid squad.