Napoli vs Wolfsburg, ‘Final too early’

Napoli vs Wolfsburg, ‘Final too early’

Napoli vs Wolfsburg, 'Final too early'

Nyon – Of the eight remaining teams in the Europa League, Wolfsburg and Napoli are the favorite to become the champion. So they like the final meeting too early.

“We are facing one of the toughest opponents in this draw,” said Napoli coach Rafael Benitez, after drawing at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, Friday (20/03/2015).

“They include the favorites to win. In two games against Inter, they showed all his strength. They are in second place in the league (Germany) and also never beat Bayern Munich.”

Betting exchanges is put Wolfsburg at the top of the list of favorites to win the Europa League team. German club that is currently in a very good performance in this season, including a loss to get rid of Inter in the last 16. [See also: Wolfsburg Shine]

Meanwhile Napoli is a favorite number two. Their success penetrating the quarterfinals is their highest achievement in European competition since winning the UEFA Cup in 1989.