Struggling in Central Heat and Rain sake Depart to Old Trafford

Struggling in Central Heat and Rain sake Depart to Old Trafford

Struggling in Central Heat and Rain sake Depart to Old Trafford

Jakarta – Not only the opposing team to be faced by the players who follow the event CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015. They also had to fight the oppressive heat and pouring rain.

Stage selection round province in Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Kuningan, South Jakarta, starting on Saturday (03/07/2015). There are 16 teams that competed at this stage by using knockout.

There are eight matches in the round perdelapanfinal held all day Saturday. Each game lasts 2×30 minutes and the first match kick-off around 07.30 pm.

Antarpertandingan respite did not last long. The competition runs almost nonstop. Thus, there are teams that have to compete in conditions that are not too ideal.

For example, the fourth game that brings the JNC SSB and SSB Garec’s or fifth match between SSB and SSB Darussalam Young Warriors. Two matches were held at noon, when the sun was directly overhead.

The weather was hot and very pungent apparently did not dampen the enthusiasm of the players on the field. Although sweat dripping with so swift, they still fought hard in pursuit of victory, while trying to show his best in front of the selection committee, which consists of former national team players Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, coach Zaenal Abidin Zapello, and two coaches from Manchester United Soccer School Andy Robinson and Kevin O’Connell.

That increasingly make the players excited is the presence of MU legend, Andy Cole, in the stadium. Cole directly monitor the course of the game, both from the sidelines or from the stands the audience.

Cole said, competed in the weather as it is not easy, even for a professional footballer.

“Crazy. If you are not familiar, then it will be very heavy,” said Cole answered petanyaan detikSport on the sidelines of the match.

However, for the younger players who follow CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy in 2015, struggling fighting the ball under the hot sun is not something completely new.

“We still are used. Exercise also at this hour. Usually exercises from 10 to 2,” said Young Warriors defender SSB, Salimil Fahmi.

“If during the heck the problem of dehydration,” he said.

The weather all day Saturday changeable. Although the sun was shining so bright, not long overcast come. Shortly after the game Young Warriors vs SSB SSB Darussalam kick-off, with heavy rain accompanied by wind. However, the game continues. The spirit of the players not the slightest slack. They still exert all his ability on the pitch.

After ten minutes passed, the rain stopped. But, in the second half, drizzle back flushed, even, had heard the rumble of the sky.

“If it rains a lot of obstacles. Because of the cold, leg cramps can. Thank God was not,” said midfielder SSB Young Warriors, Dwi Mardiono.

“The ball is so slippery, so difficult to control. If the field can not be nice, ngoper also be difficult. Fortunately a good field,” said Dwi.

After playing since yesterday until Sunday (8/3), players will wait for the announcement of the selection committee. They may be anxiously waiting whether their names included 11 best players were selected for the training camp at Old Trafford in May.