Racing Fun Messi vs Ronaldo in La Liga top scorer Peak

Racing Fun Messi vs Ronaldo in La Liga top scorer Peak

Racing Fun Messi vs Ronaldo in La Liga top scorer Peak

Jakarta – Two goals made Cordoba’s goal to make Lionel Messi topped the list of top scorer of La Liga. But in a matter of hours Cristiano Ronaldo reclaim that position through a hat-trick that he created.

Before the game 34th La Liga at the weekend, Ronaldo was standing at the top of the scoring charts with 39 goals. Messi is in second place with just one goal only. Fierce competition between the two of them are believed to be the cause of Ronaldo angry when his goal Alvaro Arbeloa snatched a few days ago.

Messi then grab the top of the scoring charts after he scored two goals against Cordoba, the number of tally to 40. Two goals from Messi gave Barca a 8-0 victory in a visit to the club’s caretaker.

Messi could actually score a hat-trick in that match. Became the executor first Barca, Messi decided to hand over the task on Neymar. Execution Neymar in the 85th minute to change the position so 7-0.

Several hours later Ronaldo gave a response to the displacement of him from the top spot. Hat-trick he made to the Sevilla goal, leading Real Madrid won 3-2. After week 34 Ronaldo was still at the top with a collection of 42 goals.

Problem fight for Pichichi status, Ronaldo in the first half of the season was shot alone and diprediksikab will be able to keep it until the end of the season. There are 25 goals he made in the intervening August to December 2014, while since the turn of the year until the end of last week there were 17 for the number of his goal.

While Messi had difficulties in the beginning of the season, where from August to December tally the number of ‘only’ 15. Messi increasing sharply after the new year, productivity rose sharply with 25 goals he’s there for.

There are still three games left in the season. In addition to the fight Barcelona and Madrid to be champion, duel Messi and Ronaldo in order to seize the Pichichi will be interesting spectacle.

Messi made the most goals in the Spanish league season was 50 in 2010-2011. The same season so fertile period Ronaldo with 46 goals he lesakkan.